Nate Wood

I’d been talking on and off with Scott for close to a year, while my wife and I honed in on exactly what we were looking for in NYC (which is an incredibly fast moving and competitive market). My wife and I are self employed, which is a special brand of headache

for lenders and homebuyers alike. Scott was a referral from a close friend who is also self employed, and had purchased a few properties with Scott’s help.

Scott was always easy to get a hold of to answer any questions, of which there were SO many throughout the year or so we’d been in contact. NYC is an insane market, and without someone there to answer questions it kind of seems impossible. When we finally found the house we wanted and got an accepted offer on, Scott and his team moved quickly to get everything together necessary for closing. He and the folks at Nationwide Equities walked us through the whole process, which for a first time home buyer in NYC is seriously daunting. I feel bad in hindsight for all of the texts and emails I sent at ungodly hours, but they were always returned so promptly I just figured he cared as much as I did. Which, again looking back on it seems silly. But that’s the sign of someone who does their job right!

Also, Scott kept a watchful eye on interest rates as they were changing day by day, and locked a rate WAY lower than I had expected. We also didn’t have to pay points on the rate, which is amazing.

At the end of the day, honestly I don’t think this process would have worked for us with another lender. Given the headache of self employment and all of the extra work required, a lot of lenders just give a “no” before they really look into working with certain types of buyers. Scott worked his ass off for us, and my wife and I got a house we absolutely love, with a mortgage rate that far exceeded expectations. We are forever grateful!