Over 1 million Americans have utilized a reverse mortgage for things such as home remodeling, taking a dream vacation, spending more time with friends, and helping a grandchild with the cost of college. A Tennessee reverse mortgage is specifically designed for older adults and provides the unique advantage of accessing your home’s equity.

There are many benefits to a reverse mortgage, including not having to pay a monthly mortgage payment. You will only need to follow the loan’s terms and pay your other payment obligations such as property taxes, homeowners insurance, and maintenance.

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When we first met I was struggling to pay my bills and living only on social security income and a small pension. I needed a new roof and water was leaking into the bedrooms. Now, I have a line of credit from the reverse mortgage. I replaced my leaking roof and water damaged ceilings. I...
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Adeline P.

Before working with Scott, I was looking at a possible 2 family home in Cypress ...
Scott is definitely and expert and one of the best when it comes to getting a deal done but it is sooooo much more than that. Before working with Scott, I was looking at a possible 2 family home in Cypress Hill. After working with Scott, I purchased a 3 family home in the hottest...
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Adeola Fadeyibi

Borrower from New York, NY
When I first spoke with Mr.Randall it was because I was referred by my sister’s husband. His confidence and presence over the phone have a way of easing you. I was previously told that it was not possible to help me with a Reverse Mortgage. I had a very touch issue with my deed because...
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Aleida R.

Ozzie is one of the best.
Ozzie helped me to buy my first home in an incredibly daunting seller’s market. If I had to do it again, I’m honestly not sure that I would, given how stressful it was, but I was glad to have Ozzie and Julie helping me through this process. He has the patience of a saint. I...
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anil roka

Borrower from Jersey City, NJ

Reverse Mortgage Loan Options

EquityPower Reverse Mortgage

EquityPower reverse mortgages allow loans in up to $4 million and borrowers as young as 55 years old.

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Home Equity Conversion Mortgages (HECMs) are uniquely structured for homeowners who are looking to free up cash from their home equity or reduce their monthly expenses.

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