Reverse Refinance

Reverse mortgages can be refinanced to access more cash, explore new rates, or both! Nationwide Equities specializes in reverse mortgage refinancing, and our team is dedicated to finding creative solutions for our borrowers.

Access additional funds: Based on your age and property value, you may qualify for additional cash from your home equity.

  • Important! If you currently have a HECM reverse mortgage and your home value exceeds the FHA lending limit, see below for more information about refinancing into EquityPower.

Lower or eliminate your mortgage insurance premium: Some loans may be eligible for a lower MIP based on current FHA guidelines, and EquityPower loans can eliminate your MIP completely!

Lower your interest rate: Keep your balance as low as possible by making sure you have the lowest interest rate.

Add spouse to loan: If your spouse was not included on the initial loan, you may want to add a spouse to the loan to secure greater protection.

Change your terms: You can revisit your loan terms and disbursement options by refinancing. If you currently have a line of credit and wish to receive monthly payments as well, a refinance can allow you to do that.

Reverse Refinance

Borrowers should always look to see if they can improve on their current reverse mortgage. Home values are on the rise and as you get older, you become eligible for more and more cash from your home equity. Borrowers can refinance traditional (HECM) and private reverse mortgages. What sets Nationwide Equities apart is our ability to go the extra mile and make sure you get the best deal possible.


EquityPower is the first reverse mortgage of its kind. The lending limit for EquityPower is $6 million and climbing. If you have a HECM reverse mortgage and your funds were capped because of the lending limit, EquityPower will allow you to access the full amount of your equity based on your home’s full appraised value.

  • Maximum Cash: EquityPower has the highest loan limit in the industry
  • No Mortgage Insurance: Lower your closing costs and reduce monthly costs
  • Fixed Interest Rates: What you see is what you get
  • Lump Sum Payments: Full access to your home equity funds

Reverse Refinance FAQ’s

Find answers to some of the most common questions about reverse mortgage refinance loans.

What exactly are “equity funds” from a reverse mortgage?

One of the primary features of a reverse mortgage is the ability to convert a portion of your home’s equity into tax-free1 cash. The amount of money you can access is based on three factors: your age, your interest rate, and the value of your home. Your age and interest rate generate a percentage, which is then applied to your home’s value. After any lien payoffs (like your existing mortgage) and loan costs are deducted, you receive your equity funds!

Equity funds can be disbursed through a line of credit, monthly installments, or a lump sum, depending on which reverse mortgage product you choose. You can also refinance your reverse mortgage! As your home value goes up, and you get older, your percentage increases, making more money available to you.

Our borrowers use their home equity funds in many ways! Among the most common are paying off credit card debt, upgrading their home or doing home modifications, purchasing a vacation home or investment property, traveling, starting a college fund for grandchildren, paying for a child’s wedding, and starting a small business. However, these funds can simply be kept as a safety net or used as cash each month.

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Why should I refinance my reverse mortgage?

The equity funds you received from your first reverse mortgage were based on your home value and your age at the time. As property values rise and you get older, you become eligible for additional funds from your home equity. If you are unhappy with your interest rate, refinancing may allow you to lower your rate.

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If I refinance into an EquityPower reverse mortgage, will I get more money?

If your first reverse mortgage was a HECM and your home has a high value, you may be able to access more money! HECMs have a lending limit, which means no matter how high your home’s value is, you will be capped at a certain amount. EquityPower can allow loans up to $4 million or more.

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How soon can I refinance?

The refinance waiting periods are different depending on your loan. For example, HECMs are eligible to refinance after one year. EquityPower reverse mortgages can be refinanced after 18 months. Other proprietary loans may be eligible as soon as 6 months after closing! If you are unsure whether or not you are eligible to refinance, our loan specialists can help you find out.

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