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Make the most of your reverse mortgage with higher loan limits, less costs, and more flexibility!

EquityPower Loan

Each year, more and more homeowners are using reverse mortgages to meet their retirement goals. So, we’ve decided to develop a reverse mortgage to help borrowers like you maximize their home equity—Introducing, EquityPower!

EquityPowerSM is Nationwide Equities’ private reverse product for homeowners age 55 years and older*. EquityPowerSM caters to borrowers looking for higher loan limits, lower costs, and more flexibility.

Higher Loan Limits: An EquityPower reverse mortgage can lend a significantly higher amount than the HECM allows.

Lower Age Requirement: In most states, the minimum age requirement for an EquityPower reverse mortgage is 55*. This is seven years younger than the HECM’s requirement. 

No Mortgage Insurance: There is no mortgage insurance premium required on an EquityPower reverse mortgage.

Same Features & Safeguards: The EquityPower reverse mortgage still allows you to rid your monthly mortgage payment while living in and owning the home! However, just like a traditional loan, you must comply with all loan terms and continue to pay your property taxes, homeowners insurance, and maintenance costs. The EquityPower Reverse Mortgage is also a non-recourse loan, which means you can never owe more than the value of the home. 


EquityPower Loan Features

Here's why an EquityPower reverse mortgage may be right for you.
  • The highest loan limits in the industry!
  • Must be 55 or older* in most states
  • No mortgage insurance premium
  • No initial disbursement limitation – you take the full amount of your funds at closing
  • Condos not FHA-approved can still qualify
  • No monthly mortgage payments required (still responsible for taxes, insurance, and maintenance)
  • Loan proceeds are tax-free**

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I have a HECM and would like to refinance into an EquityPower loan.

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EquityPower Reverse Mortgage

Find answers to some of the most common questions about EquityPower.

Borrowers use their EquityPower reverse mortgage to

  • Pay off existing mortgage debt and have no monthly mortgage payment (must still pay taxes, insurance, and maintenance)
  • Preserve invested assets
  • Cover medical or in-home care expenses
  • Refinance an existing reverse mortgage to access a larger amount of funds
  • Make home improvements


Borrowers can use their loan proceeds for whatever they wish. There are no restrictions on how you use the money.

HECM’s are Home Equity Conversion Mortgages, they are considered the traditional FHA reverse mortgage. Our EquityPower reverse mortgage is our private reverse mortgage product that can exceed the benefits of a HECM. Here are some ways how:

  • Can accept borrowers as young as 55 years old* (seven years younger than the HECM)
  • EquityPower allows for the highest loan limits in the country, leaving borrowers with more money than the HECM allows.
  • EquityPower reverse mortgages do not charge any mortgage insurance premiums, which can save borrowers thousands each year!
  • HECM’s require all condominiums to be FHA-approved, which can be extremely difficult to obtain. Condominiums that are not FHA-approved can still qualify for an EquityPower loan.

1. Once you begin working with one of our licensed reverse mortgage loan officers, they will make sure you are at least age 55 or older (depending on the state) with sufficient equity in your home.

2. They will help determine what the loan proceeds will be based on your age, the appraised value of the home, and your current mortgage amount.

3. Assuming you pass the financial assessment and move forward with EquityPower, the loan proceeds will first be used to pay off your existing mortgage (if applicable). You will receive the remaining proceeds, which are tax-free!**

4. While you have the EquityPower reverse mortgage, you will be required to comply with all of the loan terms. Most importantly, you must stay current on your property taxes, homeowners insurance, and home maintenance. Your loan won’t become due until you permanently leave the residence. 

Yes! If you would like to see how much you qualify for by refinancing with an EquityPower reverse mortgage, Contact us today at 866-312-4370!

*Some states may require borrowers to be at least 60 or 62 years or older. 
**Please consult a tax advisor. 

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