Adeola Fadeyibi

Scott is definitely and expert and one of the best when it comes to getting a deal done but it is sooooo much more than that. Before working with Scott, I was looking at a possible 2 family home in Cypress Hill. After working with Scott, I purchased a 3 family home in the hottest area in BedStuy. Scott helped me to put a plan in place that took over 3 months to execute. He told me the things I had check on my credit and the monies I had to have to make my dream come true. You always hear those silly infomercials talking about buying investment property with little or no money down. Well, I did it and it wouldn’t have been possible without Scott Mantel. I knew I was in the right hands not only because of how he explained everything, but other people knew him as well. Sometimes property owners will try and tell you what lender they’d like you to go with to ensure the deal goes through…Once I dropped Scott’s name, they just exhaled and had no problems moving forward because they knew I was in good hands. Everyone has a “guy” but Scott is “The guy”. If you want to get your deal to go through, use Scott. Period.